We have a lot of experience with different kinds of projects. Our specialty is glamping (glamorous camping). But we also did gastro business, natural construction of buildings (especially clay plasters), websites and a little marketing.

If you are thinking of starting your own business or improving the one you already have, contact us via email and we will tell you more about our conditions and possibilities.

Projects we did and cooperate

Treehouse Zvičina – Our realization (idea, building, website, booking system,…)

Glamping Liška – Our realization (idea, building, website, cooperation with partners,…)

Glamping Čihadlo – Help with project (consultations, website, contacts, mental support,…)

Palačinkola – Our realization (idea, building, website, business system, communication with city,…)

Kofi-Kofi – Managemant of the truck in our city, cooperation in other project,…)